A little bit about me...

Hi, my name is Helen and here's a little bit about me... 

I have been doing alterations since 2008, starting out my professional career in a local shop as a 'Military  Tailoress'. I worked as part of a specialised team doing alterations, repairs, medal mounting,, medal ribbons, re-ranking and adding qualification badges to uniforms for the British Army including No1's, No2's and Mess Kit. I quickly excelled within this business to become Manager.

Along my sewing journey I came to be a seamstress for  "Dressability"  a wonderful charity based in Swindon that alter and adapt clothing for children and adults with disabilities. 

I wanted to extend my skill range and went on a 'Corset Making Course' with the famous Thelma Madine of Nico's in Liverpool, dressmaker of Channel 4's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Since this course I have had the absolute pleasure to have made several Corsets at Nico's and from my Swindon studio for Thelma.

More recently, I was the sole seamstress for local wedding dress boutique Harmony Brides, from 2015 til their closure in 2019. I absolutely  love working with brides; being with them on the journey from making the dress that they've chosen, their DREAM dress.